Key considerations

Land Use

Kruger Energy has possesses significant experience in developping wind projects in agricultural areas, with a focus on reusing existing infrastructures and avoiding sensitive areas to minimize the impact on cultivated land. A wind turbine only takes up an area of about 30 m by 30 m.

Economic Impact

The payout to municipalities is expected to total approximately $700,000 per year. Projected indirect benefits in the region include the creation of jobs and payments to participating landowners. The communities also have the opportunity to be involved as an investment partner.

Noise Levels

The project will comply with existing regulations that set the maximum allowable noise level in rural areas (outside of dwellings) at 40 dBA. The turbines will also be installed at a minimum distance of 750 metres from all dwellings. The project layout and the results of noise level studies will be shared during future public consultations.

Visual Impact

The visual simulations prepared as part of the project impact study will provide an accurate representation of the environmental impact Study and will be used to identify appropriate mitigation measures.


The safety of our infrastructures is a core value and is critical to our long-term success.

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